Righteous Soap Co.

needed a slightly tongue-in-cheek vibe for their new brand.

Righteous Soap Co.

Righteous Soap Co is a tongue-in-cheek brand for soap snobs with high expectations for their bars. The creator of these beautifully crafted products is passionate about hemp seed processing and puts every bit of that love into every unit he produces. However, no matter how wonderful your product is, if it depends on olfactory sensation to sell, it can become difficult to build a brand in a digital world, where we have (not yet) created an output device capable of conveying a smell.

The Challenge

With this challenge, we set out to create a fun and colorful band that floated somewhere between sarcastic, sublime, and delicious to the human eye.


  • Custom Branding
  • Package Design

Generic Application to Products

On a global scale, Righteous brand needed to be present on every product created. While production doesn’t presently have this capability. It is the ultimate goal. Mockups explored different ways to create this presence with the most cost-effective method.

First Product Branding & Packaging Project

Every brand with a physical product needs to be capable of expanding into new ideas as they are developed. Righteous Soap Co. needed a proof of this concept for its first soap “flavor” which had to carry that same tongue-in-cheek religious theme into illustration.

Righteous Soap Co.

Go support Righteous Soap Co.

At the time of writing this (November 2020) there are plans to make Righteous Soap Co. products available online at RedBisonStudio.com. However, if you would like to reach out to them or support them, visit their Instagram and smash that follow button.