Project: Branding/Website Design


Kitestring is a technology consulting group who believes that when the right talent meets the right client beautiful things are created.

The Challenge

Kitestring Technical Services required new brand guidelines and overhauled web presence within WordPress. As a tech consulting company, they needed to demonstrate just how much expertise and talent they had accumulated over the years of guiding, planning and building software solutions for large national brands.


  • Brand Identity
  • Website design and development
  • Photo Editing services

01.  Brand Guide

Rules & brand color can go a long way…

I created new and updated brand rules for internal and third-party design teams to utilize in the creation of new marketing assets for Kitestring. In addition to aiding the upcoming website redesign, a new color palette reshaped the way their clients perceived the brand. By including a supporting secondary set of colors, specific areas of the business could take on a new flavor, all under the already well-known red kite symbol.

02.  Website Redesign


Along with partnered agency Concord Adams, I helped craft and guided the Kitestring team through a copywriting process that revealed key components of their brand and their offering. CA helped extend the way Kitestring spoke about their company culture, the depth of their service and the primary calls to action used in marketing material, digital and otherwise.

Web Design & Development

I originated designs and built a custom WordPress theme for an entirely new digital presence. Using the original brand, but with an extraordinary facelift in color palette and overall brand visual language, I was able to give this storied company new modern context for its services. At its completion, the site is a mobile-first, lightweight web experience that educates, recruits and collects leads in an entirely new fashion. The custom theme allows Kitestring staff to update the site easily and craft new pages without the use of any bulky builder plugins such as Elementor or Divi.

We do WordPress differently.

Kitestring’s WordPress site only needed four plugins to work like a dream. I created a lightweight, yet pleasing user experience supported by easy updating on the backend and superior flexibility for developers. My method involves a three-part toolset: WordPress, Timber theme framework, and the Advanced Custom Fields Plugin.

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