Havana Tropical Grill

Havana Tropical Grill is a family-owned and operated Cuban restaurant located in downtown Rogers, Arkansas.

The Challenge

Havana Tropical Grill’s restaurant is a Northwest Arkansas favorite, but was in need of a website that was reflective of its family heritage and lively culture. Along with Concord Adams, I designed and developed a site that was just as vibrant and bright as its storefront, allowing Havana Tropical Grill to display their food, menu, and catering services in a way it was not able to beforehand. 


Web design and development

Make Them Hungry!

My client’s goal was to make her users hungry, and so we did. When I started working with Havana Tropical Grill, they did not have a website. They said they had multiple sites throughout their 10 years in business, and none of them truly represented their experience nor did it function like it should have. We changed that.


An Experience to Experience

Havana Tropical Grill is not just your typical restaurant. It is an experience that gives its customers a cultural experience that’s lively, delicious, and family-oriented. The website needed to do the same. We did this through photography, design, and illustrations that matched the Cuban vibe. Customers are able to view their menu, view photos of the food, and order online. Havana Tropical Grill now has a place for people to find them and get a “taste” of what they are all about before coming in.

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