BroThrow is a patent-pending, peer-to-peer (P2P) social sports betting network. The platform facilitates wagering between sports bettors, without the need for a casino, bookie, offshore site, or other middleman, making sports betting with friends easy, transparent, and fair. The biggest challenge with this project was to design a social experience for sports betting that has never before existed.

The Challenge

When the founder of BroThrow approached me, the platform was just an idea, but it was big. What ensued was a year long project that included brand development, web app planning and front-end development on a user interface that would change the face of sports betting.


  • Brand Development
  • Web App Wireframes & Mockups
  • Front-End Development

Brand Development & Logo Design

Logo development went through rounds of exploration over a few different influences and assumptions about the new type of product in question. Early on, we committed to a dark brand feel with green as a primary color. Within that, the biggest challenges were: 1) showing a sport related brand without being too specific to one league or sport. 2) Bringing the gaming “feel” to the forefront.


BroThrow allows users to find a game and post a bet for anyone to take.

With true peer-to-peer betting, the process changes a bit from the standard Vegas world. With BroThrow, a user has to post a bet, setting their own lines off of BroThrow’s recommendation, and then wait for a user to take the bet. The average user experience with this is painless, as most bets are taken, and at the end of the day, all debts are paid through Venmo. The full experience required a rethinking of online betting UX/UI that pushes betting into the social sphere.

Want to see more?

Sign up for free at BroThrow at and explore the UI further. It’s easy to place a $1 bet on a game just for fun and see how the experience is unlike anything that exists today in the betting world.