Julian Cider Mill Co.

Julian Cider Mill Co. is a California shop that began in 1975 with just apples and honey, and now provides a wide assortment of snacks, candy, honey, and of course, homemade raw cider.

The Challenge

As a conceptual rebrand for Julian Cider Mill Co, this project was entirely contrived from too much free time and coffee. Although the company is real, they are either unaware of my project or just annoyed that a random stranger on the internet would just start designing on them.


  • Rebranded Logo Variants
  • Product Branding
  • Packaging
Julian Cider Mill Co.

A LogoType with History

With decades as a boutique provider of unique snacks and food products, Julian Cider Mill Co. needs a brand that reflected its place in history for the region.

Both concepts borrow from classical and western themes but avoid being boisterously loud, despite the long name. The first variant uses illustration to pull together themes of apples and honey. The second variant features a diagonal western type that puts the reader in motion while relying solely on type style to deliver the feeling of the history.

It all started with apples and honey…

Pulling from the first days of the store, secondary visuals for the brand were developed around the first products they ever sold in 1975 – Apple Cider & Honey.

Ideas explored in sketch included combinations of bee hives and fruiting apple trees. The illustration process brought us to an interesting surrealist representation of a hypothetical drink called Apple Nectar. Deriving its identity directly from the brand’s history with apples and honey, Apple Nectar had a strong chance of being a flagship on Julian Cider Mill’s featured shelf.